About The Bark Academy

About The Bark Academy

Welcome to The Bark Academy
Welcome to The Bark Academy!

About The Bark Academy

We use only positive and gentle methods that help build mutual trust and strong bonds that last a lifetime between canines and their human friends!!!

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About Me

“When I was little, I watched my puppy get hit by a car. She died while I helplessly held her. That was so traumatic, the memory is still very vivid in my mind today. If I had known then that obedience training could have prevented her death, she would have surely survived that day.”Melissa Lunsford, Owner/Operator of The Bark Academy

About The Bark Academy
“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
Josh Billings
Betsy, the poodle loves her trainer (Melissa) at The Bark Academy.
This is Betsy. I think she loves me! And yes, she does need a haircut.

Hi! My name is Melissa. I’m so glad you stopped by. As owner and operator of The Bark Academy, I promise both you and your dog a pleasant and positive learning experience that will improve your already growing or established relationship.

Having spent my entire life with dogs, I have a clear understanding of their body language and their minds. I strengthened my natural talent by studying Canine Behavior and Training at Penn Foster. Then continued my education by mentoring under some of the greatest Trainers and Behaviorists in the State.

Each dog is an individual and should be handled in a manner specific to their individual needs. There are no bad dogs, just bad behaviors that can be corrected with the proper guidance.

I have been very successful training canines with achievements listing from basic commands, such as sit and stay, to more advanced training, such as make the bed and search and find. For an example of my skills, please see the short video clips below. Although the videos are of a few different dogs, the true star of the show is Betsy. She is a standard poodle and The Bark Academy Logo was designed with Betsy in mind.

When you enroll in any of the classes or courses offered by The Bark Academy, I promise to help you and your dog be successful. My ultimate goal is for you and your dog to have your “happily ever after.” I will consider it a true honor to be a part of your learning experience.



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Videos of our Shining Stars

Morgan at 4 Months old
Betsy at 10 weeks old
Titus (Video Provided by Rachel Mears)
Titus (Video is provided by Rachel Mears)
Betsy at 8 months old