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Affordable Private Sessions are currently available, but To help stop the spread of the Covid19, there are NO group courses being offered until further notice. May God keep you and your families healthy and safe. The Bark Academy

“There is no faith which has never yet been broken, except that of a truly faithful dog” – Konrad Lorenz


The Bark Academy is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars.

  • I paid for 6 classes for my puppy a couple of months ago. The owner contacted me to let me know that the classes would have to be rescheduled due to her mother dying. Of course I had no problem with that and told her I understand. She said she would call me to... read more

    Bridget Ballew Avatar
    Bridget Ballew
  • Absolutely love Melissa! She is so patient and loves the animals she works with. She makes a real connection with each pet and they truly love her.

    Heather Shrewsbury Avatar
    Heather Shrewsbury
  • Training was very good, we took our german shepherd in because he got aggressive around other dogs and all the training showed results, he learned sit, leave it, come, down, stay and many other things, he is easier to walk on a leash, and today he walked in front of another dog and he... read more

    Kim Calzada Avatar
    Kim Calzada
  • Absolutely love this place. She is wonderful with our puppy Marli. Totally recommend her 100 %..... you won't be sorry.

    Yolonda Walker Avatar
    Yolonda Walker
  • Katie Varnadoe Avatar
    Katie Varnadoe
  • I highly recommend to anyone who is willing to put the time and patience into training their animal. I am a heavy believer in positive reenforcement, so Ms. Melissa is perfect. I love the one on one training, so my pup and I get more attention 😁

    Carrera W Avatar
    Carrera W
  • The Bark Academy is a fun environment. It makes you wanna keep going to share and learn even when the classes are over. She is a excellent trainer thats going to treat you and your dog like family from day one and so on

    travis pagan Avatar
    travis pagan
  • Melissa is a great trainer! She loves dogs, especially pit bulls! She has been awesome with our Kobe the few weeks we have been taking him to see her!

    Sheldon Hedgpeth Avatar
    Sheldon Hedgpeth
  • Melissa was the absolute best. I’m so thankful I was able to bring Seven there. She sure misses Melissa. You taught me and seven so much. She is a joy and we practice every day. Seven loves to practice she finally rolls over and now she can speak and whisper. She will do about... read more

    Sandra Nance Avatar
    Sandra Nance
  • Absolutely love this place. She is wonder with our puppy Marli. Totally recommend her 100 %..... you won't be sorry.

    Yolonda Walker Avatar
    Yolonda Walker
  • Just had my second visit with Melissa. She is wonderful working with Jake my basset hound. He loves going there. And he is learning so much better with her help. Thank you very much.

    banjo bum Avatar
    banjo bum
  • Just started 08/17/2020 and my puppy has now started learning things. Also Melissa is great with my basset hound. He really loves seeing her already.

    banjo bum Avatar
    banjo bum
  • I can't give a better recommendation than spending my money with someone. Lucy and I had a great experience for our first lesson! Melissa spent some time to assess what Lucy's current level of training was showed us a few new commands and gave us homework to learn and re-inforce. Because of Melissa's great attitude and obvious love of dogs and training them, I signed up... read more

    Mike Jeris Avatar
    Mike Jeris
  • Melissa is great and so patient! Melissa is great and so patient.. She works so well with our dogs , a St Bernard and a Goldendoodle!! I highly recommend her and she’s even local for me!! Plus, she has everything you need for your beloved dog!! She even got Bentley fitted for a harness tonite so now he can’t drag... read more

    Lisa Spivey LaCount Avatar
    Lisa Spivey LaCount
  • Melissa is Great! Melissa is great. Mabel has learned so much! I highly recommend the Bark Academy for all your training needs

    Teresa Pigg Avatar
    Teresa Pigg
  • Gunnar is doing fantastic under the instruction of The Bark Academy! We attended our first private class and are already experiencing progress. Gunnar is doing fantastic under the instruction of The Bark Academy! Although, we have been training at home, we have learned a few new techniques that will reinforce the training that we already have in place. I would definitely recommend them highly, to... read more

    Christina Rae Avatar
    Christina Rae
  • Melissa is super sweet and I love the set up. Melissa is super sweet and I love the set up. Only 2 weeks into a 6 week class so we will see how our dog does.

    Rachel Mears Avatar
    Rachel Mears
  • We highly recommend her training sessions I have 2 labs who are going through her training and every session is a huge improvement ! she takes her time to work with both of us and both of our dogs. they both have gone a milestone since we started!! we highly recommend her training sessions and the price is very reasonable!!!

    Leigh Brockman Avatar
    Leigh Brockman
  • Very calm and precise Melissa is a true professional! Very calm and precise Melissa is a true professional! I look forward to our future sessions.

    Carles Pettis Avatar
    Carles Pettis
  • The Bark Academy is fantastic! I highly recommend it! The Bark Academy is fantastic! I highly recommend it! The classes are very affordable so it does not break the bank to get your dog trained. This is one reason you can see why Melissa truly loves the dogs that she works with. Most places are in it for the money and you do... read more

    Kaila Marie Letteri Avatar
    Kaila Marie Letteri
  • Melissa is Great! Melissa is Great! She has really made a difference. Her training style and knowledge is impeccable.

    Stephen Ciliberti Avatar
    Stephen Ciliberti
  • Great instructor and great with dogs

    Darrenee Nolen Avatar
    Darrenee Nolen


*Please review our Terms of Service prior to registering for any classes or courses.*

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Behavior Modification

Private sessions addressing severe behavior problems, such as, extreme separation anxiety, aggressiveness, etc.

Let’s start with an initial Consultation to determine to the best way to proceed based on the individual needs of your dog.

The list below displays what is included with your registration based on the number of sessions or course you register for:

Lifetime Support: Support and Guidance via Email, Text, or Phone for the Lifetime of Your Dog that was trained by The Bark Academy! Lifetime support is included with any 6-week course or 6 private sessions.

The Bark Academy Support Community: A private group consisting of former and current students of The Bark Academy. The purpose of the group is to share information and stories about our dogs and to help and support each other when problems arise. Obtain Eligibility to join after 3 classes/sessions are completed.

ID Tag with QR Code: While most dogs are microchipped, it’s very wise to have more than one form of identification. The Bark Academy’s QR Tags can help bring your beloved dog home in the event that he or she gets lost! FREE after completing any 6-week course or 6 private sessions.