Let’s Train Your Dog

Daily Dog Training Assignments
“Good Boy, I knew you could learn the command, DOWN!”

Welcome to your Training Dashboard

Here you will find training tasks (assignments) corresponding with the topics and commands we discuss in class each week.

These tasks and assignments were designed to help you reach your training goals.

To make sure your dog accomplishes every command taught to you at The Bark Academy, your participation is required. As we discussed in class, Without your help, this training will not be successful.  Your part will consist of 15 minutes per day practicing the commands you have learned in class, daily leash training, and daily exercise.

After we meet for our training session each week, the tasks (assignments) for the commands we cover in class should become available in the list of training tasks below.

If you have any questions, feel free to text or call me at 704-670-1352, or email me at melissa@thebarkacademy.com. You may also chat with me via the FaceBook Messenger chat box located at the bottom right of this screen.

Your training tasks (assignments) are listed below. Now, Let’s Train Your Dog!


Training Tasks

Daily Exercise

Leash Manners

Obedience Command: Come

Socialization Practice

Conditioning to Sounds

Foundation Exercise: Sit

Foundation Exercise: Down

Foundation Exercise: Stay

Impulse Control: Focus