Obedience Course /Trick Training for Dogs Bundle


“Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail.

__Kinky Friedman

The old school style of using intimidation and inducing fear is absolutely not allowed at The Bark Academy! Dogs have feelings too.

Please review The Bark Academy’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy prior to registering.

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Bundle and Save! Obedience and Trick Training Courses All in One Package.

Start with teaching your dog manners in an Obedience Course for Puppies or an Obedience Course for Adult Dogs and then add in a whole lot of fun with Trick Training for Dogs of All Ages. If purchased separately the price is $165. That’s a savings of $40!

The methods used at The Bark Academy will teach your dog to make good decisions. There is no force involved. Your dog will choose to do what you ask! What makes it even better, the entire process strengthens the bond you are currently forming or already have with your dog and encourages mutual trust.

Bundle consists of:

  • One Obedience Course of your choice
  • One Trick Training for Dogs of All Ages Course


To get started with your money saving bundle, select either Obedience for Puppies or Obedience for Dogs on the calendar below. You will pick your Trick Training Course after you complete your obedience course.

**Both Courses must be completed within 6 months of purchase**

Please review The Bark Academy’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy prior to registering.

*Aggressive dogs are not allowed to participate in group sessions.*

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