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“We are absolutely alone …except the dog has made an alliance with us.”

__M. Maeterlinck


The old school style of using intimidation and inducing fear is absolutely not allowed at The Bark Academy! Dogs have feelings too.

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Price Options: 

  • Private Obedience Session:  $35.00
  • Private Obedience Course (6 Sessions):  $150.00    A Savings of $60 !!!


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obedience training classes

Private Obedience Sessions

Maybe groups are not your style or you feel your dog would benefit from more individualized training. Or, Let’s face it, some dogs don’t like other dogs. If you can relate to these situations or any similar reasons, Our Private Obedience Sessions is the right option for you and your dog.

The methods used at The Bark Academy will teach your dog to make better decisions. There is no force involved. Your dog will choose to do what you ask! What makes it even greater, the entire process strengthens the bond you are currently forming or already have with your dog and encourages mutual trust.

You and your canine friend will start your obedience training with basic commands such as sit and stay. Once you conquer the basics, you will move on to more advanced commands such as Leave It, Go, and Chill. Our primary focus is to teach your dog manners and to behave politely both at home and away from home.

Individual sessions feature one on one interactions between the instructor and the participant with flexible scheduling. This adventure will be all about you and your dog. There is no standard curriculum and we will move at a pace that is comfortable for both you and your dog. In a private setting, your dog could graduate with outstanding obedience skills that are substantially greater than skills accomplished in a group environment.

Puppies and Dogs from 9 weeks old and up are eligible to participate.

*Severe behavior issues are more complex and do not qualify for this pricing module.*

Pay for each obedience training session separately or pay for 6 sessions in advance and make it a private 6 week private obedience course. Come only once or come every week. The choice is yours. Obedience training for dogs has never been so easy!

*If more than 3 sessions are attended, the price will include FREE guidance and support for the lifetime of your dog via phone, text, email, and membership in The Bark Academy Community Support Group.*

**If 6 Sessions are attended (A Private Course), a QR Code Collar ID Tag to help bring your dog home is he or she is lost is also included.**

Interesting Fact:  Did you know obedience training for dogs prevents them from going to shelters?

Obedience training saves the lives of dogs!

Please review The Bark Academy’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy prior to registering.

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