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Trick Training for Dogs of All Ages


“Dogs have given us their absolute all.”__Roger A. Caras

The old school style of using intimidation and inducing fear is absolutely not allowed at The Bark Academy! Dogs have feelings too.

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Dog Tricks

Trick Training for Dogs of All Ages

We have worked very hard teaching our dogs obedience. Now let’s have some fun! Dogs of any age that have basic obedience skills are eligible to participate.

The methods used at The Bark Academy will teach your dog to make decisions. There is no force involved. Your dog will choose to do what you ask! What makes it even better, the entire process strengthens the bond you are currently forming or already have with your dog and encourages mutual trust.

This course will meet for weekly 1 hour classes over a 6-week period. Topics will include beg, take a bow, say your prayers, find my keys, close the door, and much much more!

  • Price includes the entire 6-week Course
  • FREE guidance and support for the lifetime of your dog via phone, text, or email
  • Membership in The Bark Academy Community Support Group
  • Our QR Code Collar ID Tag to help bring your furry friend home is he or she gets lost is also included at no additional charge!


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